What does it mean to stand out from the rest?

To stand out from the rest means to stop promoting the same Splash and Capture pages and Banner Ads that all the other members of the same Affiliate programs or other membership programs do.

For example, in the Affiliate Program I own, We provide our members with what we call Generic Splash Pages like the one below…


If all our members were to promote the same Splash Page in the same Traffic programs the visitors to those ads will think to themselves, I have seen that program before and dismissed it straight away!.

Wouldn’t you agree then!

That by creating your own Splash or Capture page and Banners, with your own content, something that you think reflects what you like about a program you are promoting, or some other attention-grabbing small page saying something they did not know about the company. Then perhaps it would spark interest in the viewers and they would look into your program like the Capture Page below…


If you agree that it could help your business, Would it not make sense to invest in a program that gives you the ability to not only build unlimited Splash and Capture pages plus has over 20 other Marketing Tools to help you stand out from the rest

What if I told you that you could invest in a program like that for just $10 a Month would that help?

Buildabizonline has helped many!

With Buildabizonline or BABO for short, you can create your own interesting, exciting, and enticing splash and Capture pages, and you create them using your branding, not the programs you are promoting!

Also by branding those pages your prospects get to see the person behind the promotion and will be more apt to join you in that particular venture. At the same time, they may just decide to get their own BABO account directly from your splash page; then if they upgrade, You could make a generous $6 in commission, easily and passively.

Give it a try!

To your Success

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