Preventing Hackers!

Reasons for Hacks

The most common reasons why it's happening are:

- Weak Usernames
- Weak passwords
- Insecure theme
- Vulnerable plugin
- No Security plugin

There is now a Plugin that will help you do a complete Audit to make sure you have all the Main Hacking problems fixed as it lists all those set correctly in Green and those common problems that need sorting in Red.


Before you install a new plugin or theme, do a google search to check it to make sure it doesn’t have any known and unfixed issues. However, you don’t have to give up on a plugin that has a history of vulnerabilities – most of the best plugins will show a few.

The Default Themes are usually the weakest and hackers know your going to load them first so make sure on the day you create your blog to change your theme.

The default WordPress login is “admin” and most hackers know that. Something like “rogers12” or “donhoe2” is good examples. The best thing to do is delete the default admin and create a new custom login.

I suggest that you use strong passwords which include upper/lower keys, numbers and symbols. Something like “dJJ.Xr*jz9C{WKYT” or “K<5[Y8Fr~B[8&m/V” is a great example of a strong password.

Most hackers try to brute force the PASSWORD so if your password is really strong as I mentioned earlier, you should be fine.

before we wrap this up if you have access to the C panel that your WordPress site is located, find the .htaccess file and add this line of text: Options All -Indexes

Also add this FREE Plugin: go to add new Plugin then do a search for (Malware) then chose this Plugin (Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall) add it. Don't for get to request a key in the right hand Column.

I also Donated to get free auto updates it's well worth it.

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