Working From Home

- Have You Got What It Takes? -

More and more people are working from home especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 and their doing this by Affiliate marketing.

Here at Buildabizonline our upgraded membership went through the roof, so we've had to help those who are brand new to Affiliate Marketing get started.

The main chalange is finding reliable Affiliate marketing tools, Laptops and Work stations.traffic to your websites

I started with an old desk Top PC but since found that even if I visit friends and family go or even go away for short breaks from a Laptop is far better in fact I now use mine all the time.

A Good internet connection is always a good thing although one of our members in the UK works from the library and it's a great place to network (Chat with others about your Online Business).

Next comes the Basic Tools you need to operate a successful Affiliate Marketing business.

Laptop Desk

Most of those visiting this page will already be members of Buildabizonline so have at their disposal every Tool they need to run their business efficiently!

The only thing I can recommend now is to be comfortable when working doesn't sit for hours but take short breaks and when working sit up straight in a comfortable chair if you're working from your Lounge like I do a lot get yourself a Laptop Tray that literally sits on your Lap, similar to mine it's been one of the best pieces of low-cost equipment I have ever invested in!

Then what does it take?

Patience and lots of it. DO NOT let anyone lure you into thinking that you can make lots of Money Quick it doesn't work like that. You've got to work at it every single day bit by bit, step by step.

I do hope this post helps you in your Online endeavors!...
Ian Stewart