About Me

Affiliate MarketingI want to tell you a little about me: Ian Stewart. This is to help those who say they are NOT clever enough to to work Buildabizonline or make money online.

I am now 61, was born in a Beer Town called Burton On Trent and have 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters.

My Father worked any job he could get to pay the bills... from mining coal to cartaking.

Mother was a hard working and usually held down at least 2 jobs to supplement my Fathers Income and at the time of writing this post, Mother is still works a little cleaning job and is 84. While farther is suffering through mining coal.

Now Me...

I was not very clever at school and was told I would never get anywhere in life. By the time I left school, I still could not Read or Write (While writing this I still have to use Spell check 61 years on). But I was good on the practical side of things in fact I could turn my hand to anything and just about build anything in wood or steel.

Don't let them beat you!

Two things can happen when it's drummed into you that you are Stupid and will not amount to anything especially when your own Wife and Children laughed at me when I said I want to start earning money online...

  1. You will always believe it and  do nothing to prove them wrong.
  2. Do something about it and ask for help and get somewhere.

Do not let anyone tell you you are Thick or Stupid or to old to Learn. Prove them wrong and NEVER Quit or say Sorry Ian it's NOT for me I am I CAN'T do this.

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