A Greatful Member

Hey Ian it's James here,

Sorry for the long absence. I have really missed you, my friend!:-)

You have created an amazing company Ian and have carefully nurtured and assembled subsidiaries that blend perfectly with BABO. Such as  The Buildabiz Traffic Exchange which was both perfect genius ideas.

I have been hired by companies, affiliates, distributors to actually join, review other companies, interview owners, interview company employees, etc. as an investigative reporter. I have done this with over 100 internet companies. And so you will know Buildabizonline is THE only company that I actually joined for my own personal use, that I can say without a doubt, actually beats all others hands down.

I am dead serious my friend.

ALL of the others have serious issues with their marketing systems, their marketing tools, the ridiculous monthly rates they impose upon their affiliates, they rarely include any sort of autoresponder, at least 75-80 have serious management issues and a total lack of communication with their affiliates, most totally change their products and affiliate links every spring, summer, fall and winter making the hard work that the affiliates had previously put forth in promotions worthless.

Sure you have had your glitches and occasional hiccups. That's life, That's all part of the experience. The company growth. So what!

I read your life story that you had created for all to read. I was saddened to read that all including family laughed when you announced that you were going to start an internet business. But I guess you proved all of them wrong and then some!!

Congratulations my friend. I am proud to call you my friend. Your name is a household word in our house. You are without a doubt a rare diamond in the rough. You not only self-educated yourself, but have blossomed into a full-blown Professional Entrepreneur and businessman with a heart that truly cares about business and how what you have created affects the lives of those that have chosen to follow you. WOW! Did you prove them wrong, have proven your inner capabilities to yourself, and should be proud to present Ian Stewart to the world. THAT, my friend, is a FACT!

Have a Great and Happy Thanksgiving with your family my friend.

THANK YOU, Ian. And God Bless.

James & Diane Dawson

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